“Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there is a mighty lord, an
unknown sage- it is called Self; it dwells in your body, it is your body.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Primal Source
considers the human body to be
the source of our internal resources: dreams,
instinct, emotion and stamina all arise from and occur within the body.
All of one of our life experiences - each victory, each failure, each pain,
each happiness, each lesson – lives in the body.

The nerves, muscles, and organs of the body play an important role not only
in our biological mechanics, but also in generating and processing emotions,
preserving potentials, and performing psychic functions which are essential
to our existence in all levels and dimensions of our lives.

Yet, to most of us our bodies are a mystery. It is as if we lived in a house
and never went into some of its rooms. If we look back in history, we will see
that we carry on a long tradition of repression, violence, and abuse toward our
bodies. Most of the moral and religious traditions that have shaped the
structures of our society are based on the principle that the body is inferior to
the spirit, and is something to be fought down, used and even sodomized
(through self-immolation, fasting and restrictions) on behalf of higher ideals.

Although as a society we have been breaking away from these archaic
paradigms, we still suffer the consequences, since the world in which we
live today has developed from a rhythm that is dissonant and
aggressive to the body. The extension of this basic
struggle happening within each human being
takes bigger, collective dimensions.

In the same way
each human being
stablish their lives
enslaving and
overtasking and poisoning
their own bodies, as a
collective, we have created a
society that doesn’t work for its
individuals. Instead, it depletes us
with its standards and demands for
appearance, economic position,
professional performance, and status, leading
us to expend a vital portion of our time and energy
in meeting these demands and keep the system moving.

In the same way we consume our bodies pursuing “highest” goals
and ideals, our economic system is not designed to make us prosperous.
Instead, we are consumed to propel an economic engine that exhausts us
rather than nourishing us. Our schools do not prepare for life nor focus on
the needs of children and youngsters. They torture them and deprive them
of vital qualities, demanding performances whose sole purpose is to meet
the expectations of an educational system that is relentless in evaluating
students, but fails to evaluate its own functionality. Even our nations,
though they are basically a collective of people inhabiting a territory, are
not at the service of individuals. Quite the opposite, they develop as
systems that sacrifice their own people, through wars and taxes, on behalf
of goals focusing on an outward scenario.

Our culture has become harmful not only to the ecosystem of our planet,
but most of all to ourselves – a process that started with the
misalignment between our body and our consciousness. If we
want to revert this process, it is critical that we realign
with our bodies. Only then can we productively
harness our internal resources and the
tools around us to achieve
true personal