“Strength does not come from physical capacity.
It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

In the dynamic of internal
conflict, the psyche is fragmented, vital energy
is wasted in an unproductive battle against our own emotions, and we
are disconnected from the primal source of our energy and personal
power: instinct. This instinct is fire, the purest, most authentic
and wildest force in ourselves.

Unleashing our wild side does not mean being
seized by irrationality and violence. Nor does our
wild nature have anything to do with cavemen. Our
savage nature has been present through our evolution as
the pivotal element in social transformation. It is the
indomitable force of human nature, challenging limits,
deconstructing archaic concepts, and rebuilding realities.

When we cut
ourselves from our
wild nature, our
highest ambition is to
become that which our
family, friends, company and
society expect from us. Instinct
is passion. And this force is not
irrational nor reactive. When all of our
internal resources – including our
rationality and emotions – are aligned with
our instinct, we have the power to authentically,
strategically, and patiently write our own history,
determining our own destiny and leaving our mark in
the world.

Mahatma Gandhi was a savage. Nelson Mandela was a savage.
The Dalai Lama is a savage. They are men who resisted the
cruelest mechanisms of manipulation and control, who did not
anchor themselves to disillusion or hate, nor allow their spirit to be
domesticated. They fought for their dreams with all their strength,
intelligence and passion, knocking down belief systems and opening the way
to the evolution of humanity. People like these teach us that success is not a
consequence of the cards life has dealt us, but a result of our own commitment
to ourselves.

Primal Source is the realization of a wild dream, coming from the most savage
part of my own being, which challenges you to break the chains and seek
your soul’s deepest and most ambitious dream, employing all of
your talents and guts to make it come true.