We are currently facing the challenge of living a veritable digital revolution.
And it is undeniable that we need to reinvent ourselves businesswise.
The dramatic transformations that are taking place before our eyes
represent a challenge to the survival of businesses, but they also
offer excellent opportunities for the unfolding and flourishing of
new ideas, for creating and materializing possibilities
that until recently were unconceivable.

Today, information flows freely,
without constraints of space or time, making
it possible for humanity to recreate itself on an
almost daily basis. In order to be able to read and tap into
the movement that surrounds us, we need a combination of opposing
and complementary skills: focus and creativity, consistency and flexibility,
objectivity and intuition, calm and agility.

However, the dynamic and creative expansion of our society still collides
with our archaic heritage. One of such legacies is our educational system,
which follows models developed during the Industrial Revolution to develop
rigid and obedient minds, trained to absorb technical knowledge and execute
repetitive activities. This system stunts the development of some of our
brain’s natural abilities - such as intuition, creativity, fluidity, and
adaptability – to shape professionals that fit into the business models
of the past, based on strict hierarchy, vertical exercise of power, and
fierce internal competition. But the present day market requires a
different type of company, with structures that are
dynamic, nimble, communicative and creative.


At the moment of birth, humans have approximately
100 billion active neurons. Though from the eyes of an adult,
a child’s first achievements do not seem to be out of the ordinary,
learning to recognize yourself as a person and relate to the world is an
extremely complex process, one which mobilizes several inner skills.
But, as an individual starts to crystalize into a static view of himself
and the world, he starts to restrict his own possibilities, and
reaches adulthood with only 20 billion neurons in activity.
What potential lies in these 80% of our cerebral activity
that have been cast aside?

Developing the analytical knowledge
and technical skills required by the professional
market involves a huge sacrifice. Many of our being’s
essential abilities are trimmed off along the way. But this
professional market is undergoing a major transformation,
as the challenges faced by current-day businesses require
much more than technical and analytical knowledge. Professionals
of the future need to not only have deep and extensive knowledge
of what they do, but they have to use this knowledge artfully and
creatively, with meditative attention, instinctive vitality, skill and
timing which derive not just from the mind, but from their gut.

In the past, professionals had to suppress an important part
of their natural faculties, restraining their actions within static
roles, turning into semi automatons driven solely by status
and the financial reward provided by their jobs. Today, we
need professionals in full exercise of their entire human and
potential. The corporations that make a difference stand out
as the businesses of the future nowadays are the people
who are fully engaged and result of committed to their
work, who put their whole being, vitality and
passion into what they do. Fostering and
tapping into this development is the
most promising challenge
of our time.


Primal Source is a coaching system that prepares
your company’s workforce for the changes this planet
is currently going through. Our talent consists in developing
the plenitude of human potential, unleashing the intrinsic abilities of
your employees and teams so that they can overcome their own
limitations, self-motivate, expand their vision, find dynamic solutions,
and create new methods to reach your goals.

Primal Source sees your business as a live body, an ecosystem of internal
and external relations. Within this context, we do not teach one-size-fits-all
strategies or offer off-the-shelf formulas for immediate success.
What we do is develop potential, so that the members of your workforce
can understand the challenges they face and find their own solutions
to progress healthily, creatively and sustainably.

We invite you to visualize your company as a live,
creative, dynamic being, generating not only wealth,
but personal fulfillment; an environment where creative
energy is pervasive, where work is not just a means to a
material reward, but above all a challenge and an opportunity
for developing inner skills; a reference for employees and the
industry as a whole, a company whose excellence is the natural
result of engagement, commitment and passion. Let us work
together to make this vision come true.


Primal Source is an integrated platform, combining assessment
of the company’s structure, individual executive coaching, team
coaching, and offsite retreats. Our programs usually last three,
six, or twelve months and involve four steps or levels:


We start with an in-depth study on the
company’s DNA (mission, internal operation, social
impact, future vision). We understand the philosophy
of the business’ founders and leaders, as well as how
these values and thoughts are actually transmitted to the
teams. We identify any distortions and inconsistencies between
the original vision and what is effectively presented, and work
on how to truly live this philosophy.


We analyze the organizational structure
of the company’s teams and areas, and detect where
communication is disrupted, generating a “bubble effect” in
which strategic vision and creativity are limited. We evaluate
strong and weak points in business relationships, as well as
untapped human potential.


We present a diagnosis with the main internal
challenges faced by the company. Based on this
diagnosis, we create a customized coaching project to be
developed with the leaders and key team members.


We apply a unique methodology, created exclusively for your
business and involving individual coaching and group activities.
In this step, we focus on the individual development of your people,
carrying out an intense, in-depth project with your leaders to
strengthen and expand their potential to guide, drive, motivate
and inspire their teams. We create and conduct workshops
with work teams to develop and enhance collective
skills which are key to the good functioning
of the company.