“We must declare ourselves, become known; allow the world to discover
this subterranean life of ours which connects kings and farm boys,
artists and clerks. Let them see that the important thing is
not the object of love, but the emotion itself.”
Gore Vidal

It is impossible to really block an emotion.
When cast into the water, a stone produces a visible and instant ripple
reaction. Likewise, Emotions are immediate reactions to situations in life which
reflectthe way we are touched by things.

Primal Source does not seek to eliminate negative emotions, but to enable a healthy
relationship with them. The aim is to integrate our emotions and channel them
constructively. Emotion moves between polarities, and judgments are not effective to
access this territory. Emotions are not good or bad. Their effect on us is determined
by how we react to them. We can either struggle and be swallowed by the waves,
or we can ride them. Emotions have the same nature as water, their principle is
One of the most constraining collective dreams in modern times is related to emotions:
the standard that defines how we are supposed to be and what we should or shouldn’t
feel. Half of our emotions is classified as positive, while the other half is considered
negative. We are raised to be good, well-behaved, pure and happy all the time, and
many of our natural emotions are forbidden. Consequently, when faced by any
emotional impulse that contradicts this mythological, perfect, stable emotional
world, the subconscious reacts by trying to block
or fix our feelings.

Each time we attempt to
block an emotion, we fragment
our being. Limiting concepts, like
guilt, sin, good and bad, distance us from
our essence and keep us from experiencing our
total nature, which is multiple and intense. When we
judge or anchor ourselves to a specific emotion, we generate
a static standard, a vicious circle that confines and consumes our
energy and leads nowhere. We are paralyzed and cannot find the
strength to change a situation.

When you stop struggling against your emotions, a huge amount of energy is made
available, and you are able to seize your authenticity. Instead of waging an internal battle,
you can employ the same energy in a creative way toward the achievement of your
innermost goals.

Primal Source enables you to reach a deep understanding of your own emotional
mechanisms, and to restructure the way you deal with your emotions. It is an
invitation to embrace your full being, developing a relationship with yourself that
will provide you with strength, health and personal power. Do you believe
enough in yourself to accept this invitation?